By Genevieve Mater


From opera and lariat necklaces to princess and matinee styles, it’s no wonder you’re struggling to choose the right piece for your outfit.

Check out our top tips for choosing the right necklace for your outfit.


A necklace that mirrors the lines of your V-neck is elegant and timeless. Choose a single, V-shaped pendant to keep things simple or a long, layered piece for a little more pizazz. Remember to keep the more delicate pieces closer to your neck when layering.


Off-the-shoulder tops leave so much skin bare that you can really go all out. Make a statement with an ornate bib necklace but be sure to keep other accessories simple so as not to overwhelm your outfit.

Turtle neck

The days are getting shorter and colder so it’s only a matter of time before you pull that cosy turtleneck from your wardrobe. With so much empty real estate, go short and chunky to add depth and glamour to what can be an otherwise simple outfit. If a long necklace is more your style, layer a few pieces together to ensure your jewellery doesn’t get lost in your outfit.

Other tips

Don’t be afraid of wearing an extravagant necklace during the day if it brings you joy. A bold necklace can be just the thing to give you confidence for the day ahead.

Don’t be too conventional. Let your necklace peak through your clothing or contrast colours and clash prints.

Consider other elements. How you will wear your hair? What’s the occasion? Will the necklace suit your face shape?

Above all, wear something that makes you feel beautiful. In the end, that’s the only thing that matters.