Can cushion covers be washed? Can a cushion cover be replaced? Can you buy cushion covers without a zip?

All your cushion cover questions answered here…

Can cushion covers be washed?

It depends on the material! the best thing to do is to try and remove the cover. If you cant remove it, then you can only spot clean it with a slightly damp (not wet) cloth and be careful that it may be a material that you cant get wet! Most silk cannot be gotten wet. Also, you do not want to get any cushions that are filled with feather down wet.

If the cover is removable, that is great as by law there should be some type of washing instructions inside them. if there are, great, follow them! If there are no washing instructions, check that it is not a material that will stain from the water like silk by testing a small area and letting it dry. If you are happy that it will be fine or are willing to risk it, hand wash in cold water.

Can cushion covers be replaced?

Yes. measure the cushion and then look for the closest size to that cushion. Theme30s cushions are 45cm x 45cm and we recommend a 46cm filling from Spotlight (in Australia), but they can be used to cover any cushion. If the cover does not come off your old cushion, no problem, just put it over the top!

Can you get cushion covers without a zip?

Yes. At theme30 we haven’t used any zips in our cushion covers so that they are really easy to put on to an old or new cushion.

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