When does jewellery become retro, vintage or antique?

Have you got some old jewellery that you want to sell, or are you lookg for jewellery to buy and are wondering if it is classified as retro, vintage or antique? Well, there are a few definitions below…


A generally accepted definition of antique jewellery is jewellery that is over 100 years old. As we are in 2019, anything before 1919 would be antique.


Vintage seems quite hard to get a definition on as it mainly referes to wine! But in jewellery and other items terms, it is seen somewhere younger than the 100 years of an antique, but older than retro.


Retro can be a new item that imitates a specific style of the past, or an item from the past if it really defines the style. Its often seen as a minimum of 20 years, but many people refer to the 80s and 90s as they had very distinct style. The key is more the reflection of the style than the actual age of the item.

Do you agree with these definitions?? Do you prefer anqitue, vintage or retro? let me know in the comments!